DV Kliners Alata Samina

DV Kliners Alata Samina Shower Gel

DV Kliners Alata Samina shower gel is enriched with pure natural alata samina, complimented with a splendiferous fragrance that lingers on your body long after use. The product comes in unique fragrances of lemon, strawberry, banana, passion, adorable, true love and coconut.
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  Suited for al skin types
  Keeps skin smooth and well hydrated
  It is great for removing make up
  Effective in dealing with bad odour
  Very effective in dealing with bumps and spots.
Ingredients: Alata samina, SLES, Vitamin E Oil, water, glycerin, salt, Sodium Benzoate, Fragrance
Fragrances: Lemon, strawberry, banana, passion, adorable, true love and coconut
Sizes: 60ml and 250ml
Did You Know?

Due to the abundance of Antioxidants such as Vitamin A and E in the Alata Samina, there are many nourishing benefits. it helps to heal skin problems such as skin rashes, acne, Eczema, fades skin discolorations, and relieves dry and irritated skin.

What our customers are saying!

Have been using this product for about a week. I'm pregnant and have been having lots of issues with my skin. The DV Kliners Alata Samina Shower Gel seemed to clear them up for the most part. And for the amount of soap you get, I feel that the price is really really fair as well.
Tema, Ghana
The DV Kliners Alata Samina Shower Gel is the secret to my pimples free face. It removes all my regular mascara & makeup perfectly and I like it more than the foaming cleanser. I would recommend it for every woman.
Accra, Ghana
I think that this product is great, because it has cleared my pimples, and it makes you feel that your skin is actually being clean.
Nungua - Accra, Ghana
I use this twice daily for bathing. The best body wash I've ever bought!
East Legon - Accra, Ghana
I use the product as recommended (twice a day) and have noticed great results. My face actually feels clean and all my blacks spots are disappearing!
Accra, Ghana