As is the mantra of DV Unlimited Company Limited; Unlimited Possibilities, the company stands to portray the vastness of intelligence and creativity a person or business can attain when given the enabling environment.

DV Unlimited Company Limited is setting itself as an example in the manufacturing industry to the world. Within the period of existence, the company has hit a certain height of quality with its unique product line which has become a surprise to many.

The belief in raising quality and perfection even from the most unlikely places is what has propelled the company to form an ally with the H4P Organization and subsequently adopting its projects as DV Unlimited Company Limited's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The H4P Organization is an NGO that focuses on building the abilities of persons with disability, exposing the strength that is hidden within their disabilities.

Right from the first year of its establishment, DV Unlimited Company Limited, fully financed one of the major projects of the H4P Organization – H4P National Inter-Schools disability fun games.

This is an annual project focussed at harnessing the abilities of PWDs in the area of sports for nation building.

Performance at the H4P's Celebration of Love event sponsored by DV Unlimited Co. Ltd.

With excitement, DV Unlimited Company Limited collaborated with H4P to host 1,500 special needs students from 15 special education schools across the country

Since then, DV Unlimited Company Limited has played a pivotal role in carrying out all projects of H4P. Some of these projects are;

  • H4P Community Project to support PWDs
  • H4P Helping Hand TV Show
  • H4P Christmas Party for Children with disability
  • H4P Fundraising melo drama concerts
  • Ghana for Peace Summit

DV Unlimited Company Limited believes that true success is when your success impacts and makes others successful!

The H4P Crew with Hon. Vincent Oppong Asamoah and Mr. Ivor Greenstreet. In the background, Hon. Kwabena Woyome is being interviewed.
Event Sponsored by DV Unlimited Co. Ltd.