About Us

DV Unlimited Co. Ltd. is a limited liability company that is set to drive new trends in the business world. The company, as part of our businesses, manufactures and markets personal care and home care products with the brand name DV Kliners.

We manufacture personal care products such as DV Kliners Alata Samina Shower Gel, DV Kliners Aloe Vera Shower Gel, DV Kliners Cake Soap, DV Kliners Body Lotion, DV Kliners Hair Shampoo and DV Kliners Hair Conditioner.

We also manufacture home care products such as DV Kliners Liquid Detergent, DV Kliners Floor Cleaner and DV Kliners Toilet Cleaner.

DV Unlimited Co. Ltd. is a Ghanaian company that manufactures an exotic collection of Luxury Personal Care Products and Guest Room Amenities that creates the most pleasant and relaxing experience for your guest with a perfect match for your property image.

Certified by the Ghana Standards Authority and the Food And Drug Authority, our shower gels and detergents are produced under strict hygeinic conditions with the chemical components rightly proportioned.

Our highly qualified research and production team enables us to manufacture only products that meet the highest quality standards.

Our unique customer service is a major driving force behind the company's accelerating growth. This has enabled us to have distributors all over the ten regions of Ghana. We also have distributors across the major states in Nigeria.

Our Executives

Bishop Dr. Charles Cofie Hackman - (CEO)

Bishop Dr. Charles Cofie Hackman is the Chief Executive Officer of DV UNLIMITED COMPANY LIMITED, one of the leading manufacturing companies in Ghana.

Bishop Dr. Charles Cofie Hackman, one of the most successful C.E.O's of Ghana has had a very productive career. His extreme philanthropic nature has led him to setup many businesses and social projects and DV UNLIMITED COMPANY LIMITED is one of his business initiatives.

The influential leader, Bishop Dr. Charles Cofie Hackman founded DV Unlimited Company Limited in the year 2014 with three core visions;

  1. To lift the image of Africa across the globe by promoting quality made in Ghana products across Africa and beyond.
  2. To reduce the unemployment rate in Africa by providing jobs for the youth of Africa.
  3. To raise funds to support his humanitarian projects which includes taking care of the under privileged and persons with disability.

His idea to lift the image of Africa, quickly gained popularity leading to the years of great success and wealth generation for the business. His outstanding leadership has seen the company through various levels of growth. Within seven years of operation, he has expanded the DV Kliners brand which started with three product lines to fourteen unique product lines. The DV Kliners range of products are in the categories of home care and personal care products.

Currently, DV Unlimited Co. Ltd is the only Ghanaian company producing made in Ghana hotel amenities for the hospitality industry in Ghana. Our Hotel Amenities include Shower gel, Hand Soap, Body Lotion, Hair Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, Cake Soap, Vanity Kit, Sewing Kit, Dental Kit and Shower cap.

Under his leadership, the company has received both local and international recognition for the quality of its products. He shows no sign of slowing down and talks about many more products to be added to the brand in due course.

He has steered the company through many challenges yet the business keeps expanding. Currently the company is expanding beyond the shores of Ghana and establishing its presence in other countries.

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  1. Apart from his endeavours as the CEO of DV Unlimited Company Limited, Bishop Dr. Charles Hackman is also the founder and senior lecture at the EXCELLENCE SCHOOL OF DIVINITY (ESOD). ESOD is a Bible college which presents an environment where God’s great and precious promises are imparted and actualised. He has produced audio CD lectures such as; "Opportunities for Wealth Creation", "Maximizing the Resource of Time", "Indicators of Change", "Wanted: World Leaders", "Kingdom Inheritance", "Fresh Exploits for a Fresh Year" and "The Blueprint for a Successful Season".
  2. He is also the Chairman of STRENGTH N RICHES COMPANY LIMITED (SNR), a construction company that offers a wide range of services including architectural drawings and consulting, landscape architecture, site planning, interior design, utilities design, paving design and engineering.
  3. Dr Hackman is also the C.E.O. of the H4P ORGANISATION, H4P (Here For Perfection), a Ghanaian based NGO that has a vision to promote the fundamental human rights and privileges of persons with disability, thereby bringing dignity to disability.
  4. Dr Hackman is also the producer and host of ‘The Helping Hand TV Show’- an initiative of the H4P Organization. It is the first TV program in Ghana, solely dedicated to issues about disability. The Show aims at creating an educative, entertaining and reliable media advocacy platform for promoting the rights of persons with disability in our society and combating social inequities that prevent persons with disability from fully participating in the national development process.
  5. Bishop Dr. Charles Cofie Hackman is the founder and lead pastor of Fire City Chapel, the home of Word Fire Generation Ministries. Word Fire Generation Ministries is a church that has a vision of being a college of knowledge to our world, by presenting the knowledge of God to our generation.
  6. In his pastime, Bishop Dr. Charles C. Hackman loves to write, read and teach on leadership, entrepreneurship, love, character building and many other areas of life. He has to his credit some books such as: The Chosen Generation, Three & One Commandments, The Coming Leader-Shift, Love Vitamins and For Better for Best. He has also published magazines such as "The Voice of Revolution", "Akwaaba’’ and "Shidaa".
  7. He is a playwright, producer and director, with the following works to his credit: To be or Not To Be, Not All Gold Glitter, Deceiving and Being Deceived, Time of Favour, Guilty or Not Guilty, Till Love Do Us Part?, Price for Peace, The Enemy Within, Love, Lust and Lies, To Love Again and Hakuna Matata (a drama series).

Dr. Hackman is not only an epitome of a great entrepreneur but also a harbour of excellence in diverse qualities. He is considered as a perfectionist with the Midas touch. One of his guiding principles as a business man is to ask himself this question daily: what am I learning in the present that will increase my earning in the future?


  1. Dr. Seidu Danaa Special Award in recognition of Bishop Dr. Charles C. Hackman's contribution towards disability issues in Ghana.
  2. Award by New Horizon Special School in recognition to exceptional contribution towards disability advocacy in Ghana
  3. Awarded two honorary doctorate degrees in divinity and humanity on the 2nd of November, 2019 by Calvary Cross Clergy Council and Bible Seminary
  4. Consecrated as a Bishop by Calvary Cross Clergy Council and Bible Seminary on the 2nd of November, 2019.
  5. Received the Humanitarian Category award at The Ghana Leadership Awards 2020


  1. The first person in Ghana to start a program on TV, The Helping Hand TV Show, which is exclusively dedicated to addressing issues on disability, educating the general public on disability and promoting disability related issues in the absence of sponsorship.
  2. He brought the knowledge of disability to the doorsteps of Ghanaians, thereby helping to curb down the superstitious beliefs that are associated with disability.
  3. He is the first person to initiate a national annual fun games program for special education schools in Ghana. He hosted schools for the deaf, schools for the blind and schools for persons with intellectual disability in Ghana, despite the lack of needed funds and support.
  4. He is a strong supporter all categories of disability groups in Ghana
  5. He has adopted certain special education schools in Ghana that he consistently supports financially, etc.
  6. He has adopted certain families that have children with special needs and he gives continuous financial support and medical aids to.
  7. He also takes care of several “regular” families and helps a number of individuals through schools.
  8. He is the first person to stage live spellbinding melodramas in Ghana, with just a cast of four; three ladies and a gentleman. His productions are marked by excellence, intelligence, originality, suspense and great quality that present wholesome alternative entertainment for families.

Ms. Oparebea Opoku - Marketing Executive

Business Executive with a 3 year experience and record of superior results in a challenging and multicultural environment. Competent team leader with a strong vision to achieve successful outcomes for clients and colleagues

Endowed with a unique blend of visionary leadership and executive business savvy with competencies to spearhead strategic planning and bottom line results.

Excellent in negotiating, skilled in solving problems and a proven ability manage and complete projects to the highest standard.

A sales executive with a 7 year accomplished career record, delivering and sustaining revenue and profit gains within highly competitive cosmetic industry markets. Exceptional communicator with a constructive sales approach and a keen client assessment aptitude. She is a highly motivated sales trainer and manager with a solid track record of performance in retail business. Her key strengths include the ability to transfer the secrets of sales to others.

She has a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree holder in Nutrition and Food Science from the premier University of Ghana and Kingdom Business College. An executive member, director of operations and marketing manager of DV Unlimited Company Limited.

Creating new fashion trends and shopping are my hobbies

Ms. Philippa Darfour - Production Executive

Ms Philipa Abena Darfour is the Director of Operations at DV Unlimited Company Limited. Secretary at Strength N Riches Company Limited.

Prior to DV Unlimited Company Limited, she was employed as the Assistant Manager at Perfect Will Ventures, Sales Executive at H4P Organisation, Assistant Manager at Nyame Bekyere Transport and Sales Executive at Nyame Bekyere Enterprise.

She is a graduate from Kingdom Business College, University of Ghana and the Ghana Export School. She has acquired certificates in the manufacturing of home care and personal care products.

We manufacture personal care products such as DV Kliners Alata Samina Shower Gel, DV Kliners Aloe Vera Shower Gel, DV Kliners Cake Soap, DV Kliners Body Lotion, DV Kliners Hair Shampoo and DV Kliners Hair Conditioner.